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We are what we eat!





    Per serving (25 g):

    • 22 g whey protein complex (4.96 g BCAA)

    Do you want to control your life, including your eating? Do you spend hours shopping, reading all the ingredients of your foods? Are you perhaps suffering some food allergy? Now you can safely pick Natural Whey, the newest member of our protein family from the shelves; you needn’t scrutinise the label, because it doesn’t contain any added sugar, sweetener, colour or flavour at all!

    • Neutral taste
    • High protein content
    • High amino acid content
    • Low fat and carbohydrate content
    • Low sodium content
    • Fast and easy absorption
    • Gluten free

    Who is Natural Whey recommended to?

    • Natural Whey is an excellent source of protein for anybody; due to its 87% protein content, it contributes to maintaining healthy bones and muscle mass, as well as to muscle mass growth.
    • for pre-contest preparation (fitness); it can be especially useful during the dehydration period due to its sodium content, which is as low as 40 mg
    • for men and women who wish to take in premium quality proteins without added sugar, sweetener, colour and flavour
    • for the lovers of healthy food, as due to the neutral taste, it can be used both for salty or sweet dishes which are healthy and rich in useful calories
    • for those suffering from insulin resistancefor those sensitive to additives

    Like all BioTech USA products, Natural Whey consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.


    RECOMMENDATION: Mix 1 serving (25 g, 2 heaped measuring spoons) with 200 ml water and drink twice a day.

    STORAGE: Keep in a cool dry place. 





    97% whey protein (concentrate and isolate),anti-foaming agent (dimethyl polysiloxane), emulsifier (soylecithin), salt.

    We are Manchester based company who believes that the best way of helping people to heal their body is through right nutrition and supplementation. 

    • The company has been established in 2014
    • We are selling only products that we have tested and proven
    • We are based in Eccles, Greater Manchester
    • Our nutrition specialists have more than 10 years of experience
    • We have made our products available on-line just now
    • Our team are food and nutrition specialists along with cooking fans
    • Contact information, 486 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 7HZ tel. 01617071983 or orders@allpro.club
    • Social link to our Facebook